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Bchu Runway Bridesmaid Collection

Bchu Runway, the hub of leading fashion brands worldwide hosts the launch event of stunning
‘Bridesmaid Collection’, inviting famous fashion guru in a workshop to suggest technique on choosing stylish
outfit for wedding reception, with celebrities to share their own style to create outstanding look
Wedding is certainly significant life event to the bride and groom. However, bridesmaid or wedding guests who are invited to witness this occasion should get ready for a special day as well, especially for style, makeup and hair must be well-groomed and for the wedding’s concept. Recently, the hub of leading fashion brands ‘Bchu Runway’, has launched   ‘Bridesmaid Collection’, glamourous design outfit to serve the need of bridesmaids who are fashion lovers perfectly and  organized a workshop with a famous fashion guru  Ganda Saitum to suggest technique for bridesmaid to get ready, and how to choose stylish dress for wedding reception. The workshop was attended by famous celebrities, Janetira Attaskulchai, Rinrata Indamra, Jarospan Svasti Na Ayudhya and Nychanok Patamasingh na Ayudhya in a fun atmosphere and reveal their tips to look good in style for every occasion at Bchu Runway Showroom, Siam Square Soi 3 yesterday afternoon.             
Bchu Runway’, the hub of over 150 leading fashion brands worldwide in a format of sole official rent agent in Thailand, offering easy steps of service, just ‘Rent-Wear-Return’  was founded by a young blood executive, Sita Chutiphaworakan and Worakorn Dieosuthichat The concept of founding is based on a belief that modern ladies always need to look good all the time because ‘good style can create important life opportunity.’ The brand has selected outfit by acclaimed designers, premium cutting, categorized by occasions, for examples, dress for wedding reception, bridesmaid gown, party, gala dinner, formal ceremony, including Everyday Look.  For the latest showroom located in Siam Square Soi 3, the brand has added a new service of ‘Bchu Blow Bar’, salon bar which ready to create the look for everyone using products from Balmain Paris Hair Couture and Personal Stylist service to help you create stunning look to enhance your styling, including special lounge (Stylist Studio) for customers who require more privacy.

For this launch of ‘Bridesmaid Collection’, Bchu Runway created the idea to uncover the collection through the key concept focusing the gown colors first as bridesmaid gown colors are generally selected by the host.  The brand implemented the prominent highlight with variety of designs to serve all needs of wearer in every style through the 7 popular colors such as, gold, silver, cream, pink, royal blue, green and burgundy from leading brands such as Adrianna Papell, dress in simply elegant  design with signature in using materials like sequin or crystal in embroidery technique onto fabric that created the haute couture work and silhouette to enhance body curves in captivating style. Next is Badgley Mischka, glamourous design evening gown for multiple occasions such as wedding or social events offering different silhouette based on each body type, Portia and Scarlett, another elegant brand with a hint of high class sexiness from using satin and lace as key materials combining with the floor length gown to create charismatic look and lastly, LEXI with the highlight of sexy and elegant design offering short and long dresses that can elaborately enhance the body curves.
The workshop atmosphere was joyful as a fashion guru, Ganda Saitum, suggested the tips for bridesmaid to-be to get ready and technique to choose stunning and stylish gown that “Girls who are getting ready to be bridesmaids need to prepare their physical appearance and prep the skin as well as the bride and groom, starting with preparing the body figure to stay fit and firm for good figure to fit in a gown with confidence. Moreover, your skin is also important by taking care of facial and body skin to look smooth, healthy and radiant to fit every gown color shade. In general, bridesmaid dresses have the common pattern and color but actually each bridesmaid can choose to wear themed color but different design to fit each body figure and character obviously. For the technique to choose a gown for each body type, girls with belly can hide with a corset to firm up the body for confidence and choose a dress with details that fit well to the waist to show the figure. Pear-shaped girls should select well-fitted outfit that create balance between top and bottom parts of the body such as flare skirt dress to hide the hip and lessen the size. Those who are not confident with their over arms can choose open shoulder dress with sleeves. While those with concerns of their legs can select long gown as the most suitable one, but with spaghetti strap or open shoulder on the top part as a gown that cover all the body can enlarge our size.

The six recommended looks include a spaghetti strap lace dress in classic style that suits a daytime wedding in a garden with a cozy vibe and not too formal. It can be matched with high heels to create stunning look, or pair with favorite white sneakers for comfort. Next look is tweed fabric suit for formal daytime wedding, suits well with active girls with masculine design but with hidden feminine detail through the fabric texture combining stunning and smart design perfectly. It can be matched with high heels to create perfect look, or pair with sneakers to lessen the formal look for more casual style.  Next, long gown with sequin embroidery for formal look, definitely for night wedding. The hint of vintage design suits ladies with passion on 70’s or 80’s fashion style and curvy ladies with prominent figure. Besides, a sequin cocktail dress is perfect for those who want sexy look for night events or after party for outstanding and elegant look by matching with glittery high heels to play with the light. Next is a floral print V-neck dress with gimmick at the waistline to reveal the skin and woman curves. Floral-printed silk created more modern style, perfect for night wedding at luxury hotel and fits well with tall and lean girls. It can be paired with high heels and diamond to complete the gorgeous look. Lastly, elegant red dress for the night wedding, suitable for ladies who want to look formal and mature. The red color can show the confidence and can be complemented with diamond accessory pieces like earrings or necklace to enhance more glamorous look.”    

While celebrities who joined the workshop also shared their personal styling for everyday and wedding ceremony. Firstly, a celebrity with honey skin, Janetira Attaskulchai, said “For my everyday styling, I will choose from the color first by choosing dark shades to enhance my skin tone and make my body look slim to enhance my confidence. For the design, I have to consider from my body. My concerns are stomach and my hip so I choose outfit that fits well to my waist to enhance the figure. For the look to attend wedding reception I will see if it’s a daytime or night party. For day time I will choose classic and simple design outfit such as neutral color dress in knee length and for night wedding, I will go for glamourous style such as elegant silk dress in blue that can enhance my skin tone and my body figure.” 

A lady with charming smile, Rinrata Indamra, said “I personally love simple and classic style outfit without many details needed and can be worn in daily life. However, to attend important event, I will select elegant gown that matches the event theme for daytime and nighttime by choosing outfit that enhances my personality and fits my body type. I am slim and tall, with small hip and waist so I have to choose a dress with curvy silhouette, or with details on the waistline like sequin embroidered dress to create more dimension on the body and for glamourous look. I will avoid oversize outfit that makes me look smaller and covers my figure.  For wedding, I choose my outfit from the theme color first and the wedding format, day or night party so I can find the dress that suits my character.”

Next, a sociable celebrity, Jarospan Svasti Na Ayudhya said “Before choosing outfit, I will firstly consider the event format based on the venue, indoor or outdoor, and day or night. Then I will see the wedding theme so I can find a dress that goes with the concept. My key concept to select the gown is based on my body type to enhance the strength and hide the weakness of my body figure. I am petite and have short legs so I need to find one that shows my legs and elongate them. However, the gown must not be too revealing as it show disrespect to the host. And for wedding, the gown color and details must not look similar to the bridal gown. I will avoid white and lace dress to not look similar with the bride(laugh).”

Lastly, a chic lady, Nychanok Patamasingh na Ayudhya, said  “My two mains styles are casual everyday look when I choose simple design, comfort wear skirt or pants to mix and match with accessory pieces and cool pair of sneakers to complete the look, and look for events or wedding that I choose proper attire in honor to the hosts. I choose a gown that reveals my skin on the cleavage and shoulders. I will avoid a dress that covers all my body as I will look larger when I already have full size body. I often choose outfit with spaghetti strap and midi length that covers my knees with a bit of lace in detail or lively mini floral print that looks perfect for a wedding.”

Meet variety of styles in the ‘Bridesmaid Collection’ selected by the hub of leading fashion brand, ‘Bchu Runway’ today at Bchu Runway Headquarter 1999/22  District Srivara Village, Soi Ladprao 94  and showroom at Siam Square Soi 3 or in online channel easily on your fingertips via  www.bchurunway.com, Facebook Fanpage: bchurunway, Instagram: bchurunway and download Bchu Runway application from   App store in iOS  system and  Play Store in Andriod system.